WhatsApp responds to criticism and defends the new privacy

Literally flooded with criticism for its recent Privacy Policy update, WhatsApp uses Twitter to tell us that nothing has changed. The storm around WhatsApp’s new privacy policy doesn’t seem to want to subside. Continues, in fact, the wave of criticism after the update of the terms of service that will come into force from February … Read more

Here comes shopping on Instagram: a new way to shop

The social has introduced special tags to allow you to browse a list of products and choose which ones to buy, you will also be able to save your favorites Let’s face it, for many Instagram has become a new catalog for shopping. Following the latest trends and new collections has never been easier. Many … Read more

Dazn doesn’t work, problems with the live broadcast of Lazio-Napoli

Problems with the live broadcast of Lazio-Napoli on DAZN: in the second half the images often freeze and the streaming restarts automatically Errors of youth. That’s how we could define the problems that are plaguing DAZNĀ in the live stream of the first match of Serie A 2018-2019. Since the second half of Lazio – Napoli … Read more

How to request movies on Netflix

Not everyone knows this, but on Netflix you can request up to a maximum of titles of movies and TV series to be added in the catalog of the service Are you big fans of movies and TV series and after several hours spent on Netflix you no longer find a title that inspires you … Read more

Iliad, how to make donations via SMS

Also users with an Iliad SIM can send solidarity SMS to be more good under the Holidays, here’s how to do it in a few simple steps With the arrival of Christmas, more and more people are deciding to give themselves or give a donation to a charitable organization instead of the usual gadget or … Read more