Google Maps updates, maps change forever: what’s new

Google Maps are more colorful thanks to the new algorithm used by Google: locating plains and mountains will be easier This year Google Maps celebrated its fifteenth anniversary by introducing important new features within the application that make it even more useful. The work of improvement of Google, however, is not yet finished: the Mountain … Read more

Why don’t pedestrians crash all the time?

Science has discovered why pedestrians don’t crash all the time: we have a kind of radar that allows us to anticipate the behavior of others. The behavior of groups of humans, just like that of other animals, follows very specific rules that physics can try to explain. When you line up in a queue, or … Read more

Facebook Messenger, now you can watch videos together with friends

You can now watch a video with your friends within Facebook Messenger video calls, or in a Room It’s called Watch Together and it’s the new Facebook Messenger feature that everyone has been waiting for: watch a video together with a friend on Messenger, to comment on it together. But not via chat: live video … Read more

What are the most popular audio formats

Tens of audio files can be used to convert a song, but the really useful ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand: here are When we think of an audio file, most of us immediately think of MP3. Surely this is one of the most popular audio formats, but it’s not the … Read more

Amazon announces a series on Maradona: a cult for fans of the Pibe de Oro

Ten episodes, which will be broadcast in 240 countries around the world, will tell the highlights of the Pibe de Oro’s career between Argentina, Spain, Naples, Uruguay and Mexico. Maradona – Sogno Benedetto is the title of the new TV show dedicated to the great soccer talent. Produced by BTF Media, in co-production with Dhana … Read more

Coming soon, the largest mega comet ever seen

It’s called 2014 UN271 and it’s on its way to Saturn. Identified as a comet, it may also be a mini-planet. In 2031, the object will get closer to the Sun. A mega-comet is approaching the Sun and could be the largest ever observed to date. An object with an eccentric orbit, nearly a light … Read more