Instagram updates: the “Likes” arrive even in comments

The social launches its new features, now it will allow to put a like in the form of a heart to a comment but also to block any comment under a post Instagram continues its work for the protection of users and in a particular way to avoid insults and offenses through comments on photos. … Read more

Google and Facebook together for a superfast transoceanic backbone

The two web giants, enemies in business, are working together to lay an undersea cable connecting Los Angeles and Hong Kong Facebook and Google, enemies and friends. The two Silicon Valley giants have formed a partnership to lay an ocean backbone linking the United States to Hong Kong. The fiber optic cable, which will have … Read more

How to take long screenshots on PC with Windows 10

Downloading and installing some free programs on Windows 10 allows you to take screenshots of entire documents quickly and easily. Here are the best ones Taking a screenshot of your PC screen with Windows 10 is one of the easiest operations there is. There are several ways to do it: using the keyboard, just press … Read more