Discovered dinosaur egg: the embryo is perfectly preserved

Found in China the perfectly preserved embryo of an oviraptorosaurus: reveals an important connection with modern birds It had been in the warehouse of a museum, forgotten for years among other fossils. However, the dinosaur egg hidden in the rooms of the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum in Nan’an, China, showed small bone marks on … Read more

Cosa fare se Internet non funziona: 10 consigli utili

Internet non funziona? 10 consigli utili per capire come risolvere il problema e sfruttare al meglio la connessione in casa. Cosa fare se Internet non funziona? Smart working, visione di video e didattica a distanza: avere una Rete attiva e ben funzionante è fondamentale. A volte però può capitare che Internet si blocchi, magari nel … Read more

How to see LinkedIn profiles without leaving a trace

When you visit other users’ profiles on LinkedIn you leave a trace of your passage. With a simple trick, however, you can look at profiles while remaining anonymous If used well, LinkedIn can actually be a useful tool for finding work or, at any rate, useful information for your professional career. Many companies are now … Read more