How to use multiple Facebook accounts on the same browser

To open multiple Facebook accounts on Chrome you need to install Session Box, a very easy to install and use extension Facebook is a social that lends itself to various uses. From simple entertainment to marketing for businesses. It must be said that the developers frequently update the algorithms to implement new functions. There are … Read more

Google Classroom: direct support for Hangouts Meet arrives

Google Classroom updates with the possibility of making video calls directly with Hangouts Meet. Here’s what’s changed The toolkit available to teachers and students to carry out distance learning at its best, and above all in a safer way, has been enriched: Google Classroom now allows you to integrate Hangouts Meet video calls directly from … Read more

Windows 7, end support from January 2020: what’s next

Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Here’s what to do to arrive prepared for the deadline Birth date: October 22, 2009. Date of death: January 14, 2020. These are the words we could write on the tombstone of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system when, in mid-January next year, Microsoft stops … Read more

How to share contacts with Android

To send a phone number to a friend, you can use ad hoc apps like Share Contacts or Google Contacts. Here’s how they work It may seem anachronistic to talk about sharing phone numbers in the age of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. But it’s not. On the contrary. In some cases, knowing how to share … Read more