YouTube launches live video: update soon

After Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, YouTube also launches live video. At the moment, the service is only available for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers Among the big companies, it was the only one that had not yet launched a service for live video. We’re talking about Google, which is ready to make amends by … Read more

Scientists have discovered a very special black hole

It is a rare black hole of intermediate size, is located near the Milky Way and is very special: the discovery of some scientists Black holes are among the strangest and most fascinating celestial bodies. They represent for us one of the few “unknown” elements, of which scientists still do not know how to give … Read more

Fortnite, how to play in Creative mode

Fortnite is updating to version 7, among the new features new winter maps and even snowboards, but above all a new game mode Creative New game mode on Fortnite, the famous survival video game by Epic Games. With Season 7, in fact, was introduced the Creative game mode, which allows users to create a custom map to … Read more