Gremlins, CIA spy systems unveiled by Wikileaks

WikiLeaks released two documents where CIA-generated malware inspired by the famous movie saga The Gremlins, the famous movie characters of the saga between horror and fantasy, really like everyone. According to WikiLeaks documents, the CIA likes them too. The U.S. intelligence has created malware inspired by the famous monsters. It may seem like a funny … Read more

Android, fake antivirus apps hid malware: which ones are

On the Google Play Store, 11 antivirus apps were discovered that actually installed malware on the smartphone: here are which ones and how to defend yourself Another eleven dangerous apps have been removed from the Play Store. As in the past, these are fake antivirus apps that were actually hiding malware that infected the device … Read more

Privacy on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp: which is the most secure

All three together have over 5 billion monthly users. Sure, they may not be unique (i.e., they’re not used by 5 billion different people), but they’re still astronomical numbers. To say that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp play a major role in our daily lives and in our lives in general is almost superfluous. We use … Read more

Intel Compute Card, the computer that fits in your pocket

Produced by Intel, Compute Card is a very small device that integrates all the hardware functions of a computer, including modules for connection It’s as big as a credit card, but as powerful as a regular computer. We’re talking about the Compute Card, the latest product from Intel. Announced in January at CES 2017 in … Read more