EternalRocks, the virus more powerful than WannaCry but less dangerous

Computer security experts have discovered EternalRocks, a new malware that exploits seven tools stolen from the NSA, but is “harmless” for the time being. After Wannacry, it is the turn of EternalRocks, a new malware created using seven tools stolen from the National Security Agency¬†(NSA), the US National Agency. For comparison, WannaCry was generated using … Read more

How to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Problems

Can’t surf with your Apple home tablet? Here are some tricks to try to fix the malfunction without turning to tech support You just bought the new 2018 iPad Pro but, apparently, your tablet has connectivity issues. Specifically, when you try to browse via Wi-Fi, the iPad seems to give you several problems and, in … Read more

Xbox Live down today, what’s going on

Xbox Live has been down since 9:50 pm on March 15 and won’t allow any users to log in. Here’s what’s going on Update 23:30 The problem has been fixed. Xbox posted a message on its social accounts, “We are aware that many users may encounter errors when logging in or during match-making on Xbox … Read more