Bill Gates’ biggest regret? Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Bill Gates’ biggest regret is not thinking of a single button, instead of a combination of three, to perform sudden stops Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he has only one regret in life. And that would be Control-Alt-Canc. The wealthy Seattle entrepreneur is sorry for not thinking of making a single key to allow users … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 will be a smartphone for the few: here’s why

There won’t be many Galaxy S22s on the market, or at least that’s what sources with knowledge of Samsung’s plans are convinced of: here’s the situation The latest rumors coming from the East about the Galaxy S22 are not entirely reassuring. The reason is that the top of the range “in charge” of the Galaxy … Read more

Scoperta una nuova classe di pianeti che potrebbe ospitare la vita

Scoperta una nuova classe di pianeti. Secondo i ricercatori di Cambridge, tra due o tre anni avremo le prime tracce biologiche al di fuori del pianeta. Una ricerca dell’Università di Cambridge pubblicata sull’ultimo numero di The Astrophysical Journal getta nuova luce sull’esplorazione dei pianeti che potrebbero ospitare, o aver ospitato, la vita.  La ricerca introduce una … Read more

Sex Education 3: when the new season arrives

Otis, Maeve and all the characters of one of the most popular TV series on Netflix are back: in August, the filming of Sex Education 3 The Coronavirus has blocked the filming of many movies and TV series, among the latter stands out Sex Education 3. The series tells the story of Otis Millburn and … Read more