How much do refurbished iPhones cost in Italy

Apple has started selling its refurbished smartphones in Italy. Here’s how much refurbished iPhones cost and the available models. In many countries around the World, Apple has been allowing consumers to buy refurbished iPhones for quite some time. These are second-hand smartphones that are repaired and equipped with totally new battery, outer shell and accessories. … Read more

Twitter Spaces: what we’ll be able to do in voice rooms

Let’s take a first look at Spaces, the new audio-only chat with which Twitter will challenge Clubhouse. The next big thing from Twitter, already announced and coming perhaps as early as April, is Spaces, that is, the “Spaces” where users will be able to create Clubhouse-style voice chats. Even Twitter, in fact, is working to … Read more

Contactless payments, from 2021 doubles the limit in Italy

From January 1, 20201 the maximum threshold for contactless payments will be increased to 50 euros. Here’s what will change for users Important news for contactless payments: from January 1, 2021 the threshold will be increased up to a maximum of 50 euros, compared to the 25 euros provided so far. This is a decision … Read more

How to find out if in erotic chats they use your Facebook photo

There are some ways through which you can find out if someone has stolen our Facebook image and published it on the Net There are many people who every day become victims of identity theft on the Internet. And not always because of computer breaches. Many of our personal data can be taken from our … Read more