MetaLimbs, the robotic arms that you control with your legs

These are two robotic arms to be placed under normal human arms that are controlled, thanks to a series of sensors, with feet and knees Who wouldn’t like to have two extra arms? We could perform several tasks simultaneously and more quickly. Science fiction? Absolutely not. A group of Japanese researchers – and who if … Read more

Realme Pad official: it’s a tablet with a mini price

10.4-inch screen, Dolby Atmos audio and MediaTek processor for this small tablet with an even smaller price: will it arrive in Italy too? Also Realme enters the tablet market segment and does so with a model with an extremely popular price: it’s called, quite simply, Realme Pad and has just been launched in India. Unlike … Read more

All the steps to cut a SIM

To transform a SIM into Micro or Nano SIM there are special tools that you can buy, or you can use scissors and nail file. In this guide we want to explain how to cut the SIM without being a magician or have special manual skills. If you change your phone, in fact, it may … Read more

The best electric city bikes to buy

The green revolution passes through the electric micro-mobility, to move without polluting within urban centers, using zero-emission vehicles such as e-bikes. The pedal assisted bicycles are among the most popular vehicles in recent years, in fact, unlike alternatives such as electric scooters are more suitable to travel long distances. Here’s everything you need to know … Read more