How to activate internet without a phone line

Activating internet without a landline is easy, just search for providers in your area and compare rates, choosing the most advantageous. If in your city the ADSL does not take much or you have realized that the smartphone is used much more than the phone at home, probably now you’re trying to figure out how … Read more

The House of Paper 5: stop filming

Netflix posted an emotional photo of the cast and greeted the fans who participated in the “Resistencia”. Here are the details The filming of the fifth and final season of The House of Paper is over: to announce it Netflix in an emotional post on social media. The news was in the air for a … Read more

How to set a custom background on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s collaboration platform allows users to change the background during video calls, so you can cover up the clutter at home Also on Microsoft Teams, as on virtually all video conferencing and group video calling apps, you can set a virtual background to cover the real one, i.e. the room from which we’re broadcasting. Since … Read more

Drones will hunt for human cries: there’s a reason

New drones have been developed that can detect impulsive sounds such as claps and screams. The purpose is to rescue victims of accidents or other emergencies Since their invention, drones have been viewed with suspicion by some people because of their strange appearance that makes them look like bloody robots seen in science fiction movies. … Read more