Digital terrestrial 2020: how to continue to see TV

From 2021 will start the switch off of digital terrestrial, but already from December 18, 2019 you can buy a new TV using the discount of 50 euros The deadline has been set: June 30, 2022. From this day, all TVs present in Italy must be enabled to receive the signal via the new DVB … Read more

The electronic ID card app arrives on iPhone: what it’s for

Starting today, iPhone owners with an electronic ID card will be able to use it to authenticate within compatible services. Here’s how After arriving on Android smartphones, where it proved to have more than one problem, the CIEid app arrives on iOS as well. In this way, all 15 million Italians and residents in Italy … Read more

Vita da Carlo: where to watch the series about Carlo Verdone

Observe the life of Carlo Verdone up close when the actor and director is not on set. Vita da Carlo is the television series written and directed by Verdone that will soon be streaming on Prime Video, Amazon’s platform. A series in 10 episodes of 30 minutes each in which the actor and director recounts … Read more

25 apps to delete now: they steal Facebook credentials

Discovered 25 Android apps that were stealing users’ Facebook login credentials. Here’s how they worked and what they are There was a little bit of everything, from solitaire games to wallpapers and flashlights, among the 25 dangerous apps discovered by French cybersecurity firm Evina and removed from the Play Store by Google. These apps, however, … Read more