How to turn your Canon camera into a webcam

Canon has released a tool that allows you to use your camera instead of a webcam. Here’s how to do it and what program you need to install Never as in this period webcams have been useful to us, but they have also shown many limitations. The webcam, no matter how good its quality, can’t … Read more

OnePlus 7, new images confirm the most awaited feature

New images of the OnePlus 7 smartphone confirm a long-awaited feature that will win over photo lovers. Find out what it is There is great anticipation for the OnePlus 7 smartphone, the top-of-the-line device produced by the Chinese company of the same name. According to official reports, it will be released between May and June … Read more

TIM, recharge cuts change: what happens

The 10 euro recharge of TIM provides credit only for 9 euros and allows to participate in the prize draw. Here’s what changes for users New for TIM users: from May 26th the 10 euro top-up will no longer provide 10 euro of credit, but only 9€ to which bonuses and promotions will be added, … Read more