Electronic invoice: when to use SDI recipient code and PEC

With the arrival of electronic invoicing we should all equip ourselves with a tool to receive tax documents. Here are the options available The introduction of electronic invoicing as of January 1, 2019 will change our habits substantially. Paper invoices, stamps and seals are destined to disappear and when the time comes to ask for … Read more

A leak in the cover reveals the secret of Fortnite Season 6

The season of Fortnite 6 is just around the corner, an image on PlayStation Store has announced some features that we will find in the game, here are the most interesting An image, then promptly removed, has shown on PlayStation Store some new elements that we will find in the sixth season of Fortnite. After … Read more

Instagram Guides, the last frontier for influencers

The new Instagram Guides are a new communication format for the social network, but as old as the Web: they are blog posts dedicated to in-depth analysis With Instagram Guides, the social network based on photos and images expands its frontiers and makes room, with a completely dedicated format, for the advice of influencers. After … Read more