The new iPad will be without home button and full-screen

The new tablet should be produced in three sizes: in addition to those of 9.7” and 12, 9”, Apple would like to add another from 10.9”. The rumors about devices produced by Apple continue. After the rumors on the characteristics of the iPhone 8, this time to end up in the spotlight are the iPad. … Read more

Specdrums, the smart ring that turns colors into sounds

They are Bluetooth devices that connect to your smartphone that can recognize colors and reproduce the sounds associated with them through the dedicated app Close your eyes and imagine turning a color into a musical note. Now open them and take a look at Specdrums, smart rings through which you can play sounds, simply by … Read more

Opera for Android offers free and unlimited VPN

Opera for Android offers free VPN protection for all users. Here’s how to activate it and how to use it That VPN is one of the security measures to take to defend your privacy and the data you exchange online is now a well-known fact. This technology, in fact, allows you to create an anonymous … Read more