The Like button has disappeared from some Facebook Pages

From some Facebook Pages in these days the “Like” button has disappeared: the social network is testing a new layout When you open some Facebook Pages, in these days you will notice a novelty in the layout: the usual “Like” button has disappeared. The removal is not the result of a bug, but rather of … Read more

How to find PEC addresses on INI-PEC

INI-PEC is the National Index of Certified E-mail Addresses and can be used by users to search for the PEC address of a company The introduction of certified e-mail has changed the way millions of companies work: It is no longer necessary to stand in long lines at the Post Office to send a letter … Read more

Come imparare le lingue con le nuove chatbot di Duolingo

Imparare le lingue in modo veloce? Grazie alle chatbot di Duolingo si può: gli utenti potranno simulare delle conversazioni con autisti e chef Stiamo imparando una nuova lingua e abbiamo un dubbio, ma non sappiamo a chi rivolgerci? Niente paura, arrivano le chatbot di Duolingo. La piattaforma già da anni offre un tool gratuito per … Read more

Facebook, Google and Wikipedia: the consortium against fake news arrives

The News Integrity Initiative is born, funded with $14 million by tech bigwigs, to fight the scourge of fake news Facebook, Wikipedia and Mozilla, but also universities and non-profit organizations around the world are declaring war on the misinformation that infests the web. The goal is to promote research, projects and events in order to … Read more

IPhone: all models from 2007 to today

In the last 12 years the iPhone has decreed the worldwide success of Apple, changing forever the way we use mobile devices. From a simple phone with 2G connection, to a true symbol of the most advanced technologies, all iPhone models have represented a watershed in the evolution of smartphones, forcing other companies to chase … Read more

Apple Watch with round screen that recharges by turning the crown

In the future, the Apple Watch could integrate a digital crown that by turning would be able to offer extra charging to smartwatches Apple has some news in store for its next series of smartwatches. According to what emerges from one of the latest patents granted to the Californian company, in the future to recharge … Read more

The Sims, the cult series of the 2000s coming to smartphones

The Sims is ready to make its return with a new version for smartphones: we will be able to create our family, make babies and have fun with friends The Sims, the famous video game that simulates the life of a person, is definitely one of the favorite titles of PC and console users. The first … Read more