How much RAM does a smartphone need

RAM is one of the most important components for a smartphone: it allows you to use more apps and get the most out of the device If you’re inquiring because you want to buy a new smartphone, among the many features in the data sheets that you need to pay attention to is the amount … Read more

The solution to cooler cities hides under our feet

Lighter-colored and more reflective streets could go so far as to lower the temperature of cities by about 1.5°C. Researchers at MIT have identified how strategic construction of roads and sidewalks can have environmental benefits. Ahead of the arrival of heat waves, one solution to lowering the temperature of cities is literally “under the feet” … Read more

PlayStation Network down, Sony service not working today

Since 9:45 am on August 28, 2020 PlayStation NEtwork is down and users can’t access the platform. Here’s what’s going on The PlayStation Network is down: as of 9:45 this morning, August 26, 2020, Sony’s service is not allowing users to access their profile. Those who try to enter are shown the error code error “nw-31144-3” … Read more