Smart Robots, the Italian collaborative automaton

Smart Robots is a smart eye to be installed in your company to increase the interaction between man and machine and adapt it to your production process Industry 4.0 is preparing its revolution. And contrary to what many think, it will not replace robots with workers. On the contrary, each robot will be designed to … Read more

Galaxy M41, smartphone with record-breaking battery

Samsung is ready to launch the Galaxy M41, mid-range smartphone with a 6800mAh battery capable of ensuring a battery life of over two days Samsung bets more and more on the Galaxy M range and this is demonstrated by the fact that two new smartphones are ready to debut on the market: the Galaxy M31s, … Read more

Facebook, deleted profiles hoax. What’s happening

For a few days a single post has been terrorizing the admins of dozens of groups, who could lose all their members in a few hours. Will it be true? That hoaxes have been circulating uncontrolled for some time on Facebook, WhatsApp (which has recently introduced a new anti-bully feature), Twitter and all other social … Read more