How to permanently erase data from computer and smartphone

Some programs and applications to permanently erase unnecessary files from hard drive, SSD and memory of Android and iOS smartphones Cleaning your computer and smartphone is essential to extend the life of the devices. But by cleaning we don’t mean taking a cloth with liquid and wiping the dust off the internal components, we mean … Read more

Celebrity Hunted 2 arriva su Prime Video: ecco i dettagli

Da venerdì 18 giugno tornano le celebrità in fuga: sette personaggi famosi tra cui Elodie e Stefano Accorsi. Celebrity Hunted – Caccia all’uomo è un reality show decisamente non convenzionale, diverso da un documentario e da una fiction: appassiona con il susseguirsi degli episodi. Ha avuto su Amazon Prime Video la sua prima distribuzione ed … Read more

Sky’s Smart TV has arrived: how it’s made and how much it costs

A good price-performance ratio, an above-average audio system and a great feature: the ability to watch Sky without a dish The rumors circulating in recent weeks have turned out to be correct: the Sky group was working on a Smart TV, which has now arrived. At least in the United Kingdom, where Sky UK has … Read more