Aging brain: possible “elixir of youth” found

Gut microbiota transplants from a young organism to a more adult one could have therapeutic potential against cognitive decline and could counteract changes associated with brain aging. In the gut there would be a “elixir of youth” for the brain. It is the gut microbiota, or the set of all the microbes that inhabit the … Read more

Here’s the company worth the most in the world, Apple defeated

Apparently, Tim Cook’s company’s 2.46 trillion in capitalization isn’t enough. What’s the most valuable company in the world (it’s not Apple). There’s a pretty specific date for the event, and it’s October 29, 2021. This was, in fact, the day that Apple became the second most valuable company in the world. Surely the blame is … Read more

What will Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series look like

The filming will start again in New Zealand soon and fans are already in an uproar. Here are all the rumors about the new series centered on Middle-earth The announcement of a Lord of the Rings TV series has alarmed Tolkien fans: many argue that the film saga is untouchable and can not be treated … Read more

How to watch Lucifer 5 streaming in Italian

Lucifer 5 has been available to stream online since August 21, 2020. Here’s how to watch the TV series on your TV, computer, smartphone and tablet Lucifer 5 has been available to stream since August 21, 2020. One of the most anticipated TV series of the summer is finally available on the streaming platform and … Read more