What is it and how to use Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a smart and dynamic app, with which you can set events, reminders and tasks so you don’t forget your most important commitments. Google Calendar is available in desktop version and as an app for Android and iOS, can be synchronized with Gmail and other apps, also allows you to create a private, business … Read more

How to disable adblock only on one site with Firefox

To be able to watch videos on some websites you need to put the domain within the adblock whitelist Most people use an adblock to block viewing and pop-up ads on websites. Very often, however, Adblock prevents Internet pages from showing photo and video content, especially if preceded by an advertisement, even if they don’t hide any kind of … Read more

Gmail down oggi: non si inviano e-mail con gli allegati. Cosa succede

Dalle 7:00 di questa mattina Gmail non permette di inviare e-mail con gli allegati. Ecco cosa sta succedendo Gmail non funziona: dalle ore 7:00 del 20 agosto 2020 molti utenti in tutto il Mondo segnalano grossi problemi nell’inviare e-mail utilizzando il servizio di posta elettronica di Google. Tutti i messaggi con gli allegati non vengono … Read more