Samsung prepares the Galaxy S8 mini: 5.3″ screen and iris reader

Samsung is ready to launch a Mini version of the Galaxy S8. It will initially come out in South Korea and then, perhaps, will also arrive in Europe While Samsung is preparing for the big event in August for the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8, new rumors about the release of the Galaxy S8 Mini are … Read more

On My Block: who are the protagonists of the spin-off

The spin-off of On My Block on Netflix is coming: what is it about and who are the protagonists of the TV series Freeridge in the Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name The adventures of the group of friends of the Netflix TV series On My Block ended with the fourth season, but fans … Read more

Fortnite, black hole live feed knocked out the Internet

The launch of Fortnite’s Season 11 Chapter 2 knocked out the Internet. The video of a black hole has garnered over 10 million views Millions of people fixated on watching a black hole. So far nothing exceptional, if it were not that the live broadcast of the “black hole” is transmitted from the official profiles … Read more