How to measure Wi-Fi signal strength

In the interior of our home, not every room has great Wi-Fi signal reception. Here’s how to monitor the connection strength in a few clicks Everyone has happened to fight with the home Wi-Fi connection. The signal always becomes weaker when we have to watch a movie or when we are creating a working document. … Read more

Termination of contracts and online services, why choose the PEC

When there is to send termination or withdrawal of a contract, the registered letter is not the only option. The PEC, in fact, is more convenient and economical If you have ever had to cancel a contract or a service (regardless of whether it is a phone subscription or pay TV, gas or electricity contract … Read more

How to deactivate Vodafone paid services

Have you received an SMS alerting you of the activation of subscription services on your Vodafone SIM? Don’t worry: you can deactivate them and set the block If in the last few days your remaining credit on the Vodafone SIM has mysteriously decreased, if there are some items in the last Vodafone bill that you … Read more