Digital domicile at the start, good opportunity to open a PEC box

With the establishment of the digital domicile, the PEC becomes even more useful: communications from the PA will arrive directly to our PC The work of digitalization of the Italian Public Administration continues. The last piece of the puzzle was inserted at the beginning of September 2017, when the Council of Ministers gave the green … Read more

Fitbit prepares an app store: smartwatch ready on launch ramp?

The world’s leading producer of fitness trackers is particularly active and after the acquisition of Pebble is aiming at the world of smartwatches So similar and so different, you might say. The fact is that the boundary between fitness trackers and smartwatches is getting thinner and thinner, with the former having such advanced features as … Read more

IPhone 13 avrà una variante da 1 TB di memoria, ecco perché

Le ultime indiscrezioni su iPhone 13, in arrivo a settembre, parlano di una versione con 1.000 GB di spazio di archiviazione: ecco perché potrebbe essere vero. Dopo le indiscrezioni sul notch più piccolo, dopo quelle sulla fotocamera, dopo quelle sul ritorno del TouchID, dopo quelle sul 5G ora è il turno delle indiscrezioni sui nuovi tagli … Read more

How to Protect Your Credit Card

Credit cards are convenient and secure for making cashless payments online and in-store, but they need to be protected and managed properly: here are some tips. The boom in online shopping and state cashback based on electronic payments has caused the number of times we use credit or debit cards to skyrocket. This tool, once … Read more