Operation Neuland, two Italian cybercriminals denounced

Investigations, coordinated at the international level, have allowed to identify in the dark web a platform used to create and spread viruses Italian law enforcement agencies, in collaboration with European colleagues, have dismantled a dense criminal network dedicated to the creation and spread of malware in the dark web. The operation, called Neuland, was carried … Read more

Quibi, the video streaming platform only for smartphones

From the United States comes a new video streaming service that wants to rout the competition with TV series designed for smartphones It will arrive in April 2020 in the United States and it’s a huge bet, daughter of the meeting between a Hollywood big and a Silicon Valley big. It’s called Quibi (from “quick … Read more

Housework: how to find the craftsman you need online

Now that word of mouth is digital and no longer physical, you have to rely on the Internet to find a good professional plumber or mason: here’s how to find the craftsman you need online Those who start doing housework will need to rely on a good craftsman, who is a professional in his field. … Read more