Samsung rumors, Galaxy S8 and Note 8 coming in spring

The South Korean company is preparing to face increasingly fierce competition with a pair of top of the range devices There are not only Apple and iPhone 8 rumors to hold court in the world of hi-tech. Samsung is also ready to return to the shields, ready as never before to defend the world leadership … Read more

A “new hidden world” discovered in Earth’s inner core

It’s not just a mass of iron. A new study finds that our planet’s solid core would actually vary from hard metal to semi-soft to liquid. For more than half a century, the scientific community believed that Earth’s inner core was a solid sphere of compressed iron alloy surrounded by a liquid exterior. New research, … Read more

Cashback: quali acquisti vengono conteggiati e quali no

Tra i mille dubbi ancora da sciogliere in merito all’app IO e al Cashback di Stato c’è quello relativo a quali acquisti sono validi e se, tra questi, ci sono anche i pedaggi autostradali. Continuano i problemi al sistema Cashback di Stato, già rinominato “Crashback” o anche “Caosback” a causa dell’impossibilità, a tre giorni dall’avvio … Read more