Internet speed: Italy starts running with more fiber and less copper

Fast fiber connections are finally supplanting copper ones, the old ADSL, and could get a further boost thanks to the government’s new PC and Internet Bonus. Goodbye copper, welcome fiber: despite the national plan for Ultra Broadband (BUL) is not proceeding at the pace initially expected, the new technologies to connect to the Internet are … Read more

Some stars hide an anti-aging secret

These stars may have a second life. White dwarfs, the most common meteors in the universe, are able to slow down their aging process. The most common stars in the universe are able to slow down their aging process. These are the white dwarfs that are able to rejuvenate and have a real second life. … Read more

MindMaze, the VR mask that reads your emotions

Thanks to sensors MindMaze, virtual reality headsets, can understand if we are happy or angry and modifies the expressions of our avatar Looking at the world with┬ávirtual reality generates strong emotions. Especially if you do it for the first time. Emotions that are not easy to share. Also because, hidden by the VR headset, it’s … Read more