Cybersecurity Standards for Industry 4.0

Internet of Things and the cloud are some of the new technologies of Industry 4.0, but with them also increases the risk at the level of cybersecurity Technological innovations are revolutionizing the society in which we live. And at the same time they are marking a revolution within the industrial world. Cloud storage or the … Read more

How to play old pc games with DOSBox for Windows

With DOSBox we will always have with us all the videogames we used to play in the arcade when we were kids, but to use it you must also install LaunchBox Retrogaming, or rather the passion for classic videogames, is experiencing a second youth. Thanks mainly to the various consoles of the past that Nintendo … Read more

10 tricks to get the most out of your GoPro camera

Extreme sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike will find that GoPro cameras are ready for anything and everything to record the most exciting moments and then watch them again at home alone or with friends. GoPro cameras have evolved over the years and now offer all the features you need to record your most adventurous … Read more