RAI, remote school programming starts: all the news

RAI launches ad hoc programming for students and professors, with new programs dedicated to culture and teaching. Here’s what they are The RAI returns to its origins. This is how one could summarize the new mission of the State TV, which, thanks to its partnership with the Ministry of Education, has launched new programs dedicated … Read more

Tre is not working today, Network problems. What’s happening

Since 3:30 pm on February 19, the Tre data network in the Milan area is not working. Here’s what’s happening If today, April 20, you have problems with the WindTre network, click on this article. Original article There are reports of problems with the Tre network: since 15:30 on February 19, users of the telephone … Read more

VirZOOM, the virtual reality that makes you lose weight

VirZOOM is an intelligent exercise bike with controllers and special sensors that modify the video game according to our pedaling frequency Is it possible to play a video game in virtual reality and lose weight? ¬†Apparently yes, thanks to VirZOOM. The system is very simple, it is a viewer associated with an exercise bike that … Read more

Alexa in Italy: available Amazon voice assistant and Echo devices

Amazon’s artificial intelligence now also available in our language. With her, also the smart speakers of the Echo family arrive Of its possible arrival in Italy it was rumored for some time, but actually Amazon has taken everyone by surprise by launching it late in the evening and without any notice. As of 22:00 on … Read more