How will be the successor to Android and when will it be ready

Google continues to work on its new operating system “microkernel”: here’s the latest news. That Google is working on a new operating system, called Fuchsia, is known for about 4 years. After a period of development, Big G has finally started to unveil the first information, opening up to external contributors. But how will be … Read more

Android 7.1 and the exclusive features of the Google Pixel

Android 7.1 still remains an unknown but some features will only be available on the smartphones just presented by Google Many owners of the latest generation of Android models are trembling at the idea of being able to get their hands on Nougat, the upcoming version of the Google operating system. They’re hoping to turn … Read more

Drones and robots, innovation to rid oceans of plastic

At the 117 technologies surveyed by the study, a drone-shark and a robot ship: drones and robots, innovation to rid oceans of plastic. The uses of drones and robots are more and more disparate and, between concerns about the elimination of the workforce in favor of automated arms, or regarding the use of warfare technologies … Read more