What to do if the default gateway is not available

In this article on Libero Tecnologia you will discover the meaning of the message “Default gateway not available” and what to do to solve the problem. Working with internet sometimes can create problems, system and communication errors that you don’t always know how to solve: one of all is when the message “default gateway not … Read more

LG will launch a smartphone that rolls up, here’s when

LG continues to develop innovative design solutions for its smartphones: after the LG Wing with wings, now it’s thinking about a device with a screen that rolls up. LG would be planning the first smartphone with a particularly interesting design: in fact, the device would be able to roll up on itself. It would certainly … Read more

How to remove Android malware thanks to Safe Mode

The system blocks all downloaded apps and allows the user to uninstall suspicious ones. Here’s what to do to launch Safe Mode on Android Although Android is a secure operating system, it is not completely immune to hackers and there are several chances that users, as some cases show, are affected by malware. It is … Read more

The next Apple Watch will help diabetics

The US company’s CEO Tim Cook himself is testing a particular glucometer on his personal Apple Watch. Will we see it on the next smartwatch? Apple is close to creating a smart system to monitor its users’ blood sugar levels, simply by leveraging a feature for Apple Watch, aka Cupertino’s smartwatches. This is not the … Read more