Here’s how to easily convert PDF files to ePub format

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IPhone: WhatsApp voice calls could change

With iOS 13 Apple will introduce a feature that could force WhatsApp to change its app and eliminate calls and video calls With the arrival of iOS 13, in September, Apple will introduce a change to the operating system that could put in trouble WhatsApp, Messenger and all other instant messaging services that allow you … Read more

TCL unveils a new low cost 5G smartphone

From TCL a smartphone that offers everyone 5G connectivity at a very affordable price: it is the TCL 20R 5G and will be on sale from mid-September Compatibility with the 5G network is now firmly entered among the technical features even of cheap smartphones: You only need less than two hundred euros to buy a … Read more

Big blow of hackers: hands on the American Treasury

Violated the emails of the American Government thanks to a very sophisticated attack in more phases, that perhaps has been put in sign on behalf of a foreign State A hacker attack of absolute gravity has been put in sign in the last days against the American Government, that is convinced that behind the operation … Read more

PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility: what we know so far

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