The Solar System may be an exception in the universe

The Solar System is unlike any other: the “strangeness” we have attributed to distant exoplanets may be a matter of our own The Solar System hosts, as far as we know today, eight planets: four small rocky planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and four huge gaseous planets, which answer to the names Jupiter, Saturn, … Read more

How to unlock your smartphone using the Mi Band

To quickly unlock your Androdi smartphone, you can also use another wearable device via the Smart Lock function The biometric unlocking mechanisms that are now available on almost all smartphones have made a big contribution to the security of our devices: unlocking with fingerprint or face, in fact, are much more difficult to force if … Read more

Bonus bici, al via il click day: come chiedere il rimborso online

Al via la registrazione alla piattaforma Web per l’erogazione dei rimborsi e dei buoni spesa del “Bonus bici e monopattini”: ecco come fare per ottenere fino a 500 euro. E’ in funzione dalle 9 del mattino del 3 novembre 2020 la nuova piattaforma Web tramite la quale è possibile chiedere il rimborso di parte della … Read more

How to deactivate the Windows key on your keyboard

The Windows key is used to activate the Windows Start menu: here’s why and why you should deactivate it It debuted on August 24, 1995, along with the Windows 95 operating system, and since then it has never gone away from our keyboards: it is the so-called “Windows key”, recognizable by the flag-shaped icon that … Read more

Iliad: impressions after a month of use

Iliad has arrived in our country for just over a month, here are the first impressions on coverage, browsing speed and use of apps after a first use Iliad has arrived in our country for just over a month but has already created a revolution in the mobile market. In response to the offer of … Read more

How to turn WhatsApp voice notes into texts

Developed by an Italian company, Speechless is an application that allows you to turn WhatsApp audio messages into texts to be read on your smartphone At least once in our lives (probably more than once) we’ve been faced with a dilemma: open the voice message that arrived on WhatsApp, with the risk of nearby people … Read more