Now you can listen to Spotify with the Facebook app

It’s not yet available in Italy but it won’t be long before we see it here too: Spotify’s “miniplayer” has arrived on Facebook. The integration between Facebook and Spotify, announced a few days ago by Fidji Simo, the manager in charge of Facebook app development, has finally arrived in the form of a “miniplayer”. In … Read more

3 series to watch if you liked The Big Bang Theory

Those who loved the adventures of Sheldon & Co. can find many alternatives in streaming. Here are the three TV series to watch to spend a light and funny evening. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most successful TV series of recent years. Between laughter and moments of reflection has accompanied the public … Read more

How the Chili streaming platform works

Digital streaming platforms are divided into two types. There are those that collect a large number of content within its catalog, available upon payment of a subscription. Others, instead, offer a much wider offer, with totally free registration and payment foreseen for each single rental or purchase. Online video libraries, to try to explain the … Read more