What is it and how to download Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is the lighter version of the app of the famous social network and is useful for those who have few gigs available or slow internet connection. Not everyone knows that for several years, that is, since June 2016 is available Facebook Lite version, a real version of Facebook light, that is smaller and … Read more

Apple invests in artificial intelligence: new hires ready

The U.S. company is looking for highly skilled engineers and scientists to join the new director of AI Apple has decided: it’s time to get serious about artificial intelligence. This is evidenced by the first hiring of an in-house AI director. And not just anyone, but Ruslan Salakhutdinov, an associate professor in machine learning at … Read more

How to create a video with TikTok and use the effects

TikTok is the social of the moment also because it’s very easy to use: here’s how to start using the app to record and share short videos. For a few years now, TikTok’s popularity has been on the rise. It’s the social network of the moment, there’s no denying it, and although its functioning is … Read more