Come attivare le notifiche per non udenti anche su Android

Oltre 1,6 miliardi di persone nel mondo ha in tasca uno smartphone Android e, di questi, circa 466 milioni ha problemi di udito o è del tutto non udente. Per loro Google ha rinforzato il pacchetto delle funzioni di accessibilità di Android e ha introdotto le “sound notifications“, cioè le notifiche testuali, aptiche e visive … Read more

Realme Q2, the low cost smartphone with fast charging

The new Realme Q2 range brings 5G and fast charging to the mid-range, but with an entry level price Realme Q2 is now a reality: the new smartphone series from Realme made its official debut this morning, unveiling features and selling prices for the Chinese market. The new low cost line with fast charging and … Read more

Iliad, home phone offers arrive: what changes

The CEO of Iliad confirmed that in the future plans of the company there is also the launch of home phone offers. Here’s when they will arrive Iliad offers for fixed telephony and home Internet connection will come, but “in the medium term”, because they are in the “DNA of Iliad”. After many indiscretions comes … Read more

What is the Ixpe mission in which Italy will participate

The launch is scheduled on December 9 from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. The project is intended to open a new window on the most mysterious aspects of the universe. It’s all set for the mission intended to open a new window on the most mysterious and violent aspects of the universe. This is the … Read more

Fortnite: portals arrive for the Underworld of Stanger Things

Stranger Things and Fortnite have formed a partnership in view of the release of the third season: on the online store available new skins, emote and covers Launched yesterday at the same time worldwide Stranger Things 3, the famous Netflix horror series set in the mythical eighties. The highly anticipated third installment of the saga … Read more

How to use WhatsApp Web to message from the computer

WhatsApp allows users to chat with their friends even from the computer using WhatsApp Web. Here’s how to activate it on your device WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application in the world: more than a billion users use the platform every month to talk to their friends. There are many features that … Read more

WhatsApp returns to pay from January 11: what is true

In recent days a message announces that from January 11 WhatsApp returns to pay, but it is a hoax message WhatsApp returns to pay. Or at least this is what they report of the messages that are going viral in recent hours and that announce the return to payment of the messaging application. Those who … Read more