Amazon Prime Student: how to sign up and use the service at half price

Amazon also thinks of college students with Prime Student: all the benefits of Prime with 90 days free and half-price subscription Amazon has dedicated a discounted Prime subscription to college students. By signing up for the Prime Student program, young people will have access to all the benefits of Prime with a 3-month free trial … Read more

All the foldable screens that Samsung has in mind

A new site shows the future evolutions of Samsung’s foldable displays: some interpretations of the “foldable” are new, here’s when we’ll see them It’s called OLED ERA and it’s the site of Samsung Display (the production arm of the displays, within Samsung) dedicated to OLED screens and, since a few days, has a new section … Read more

The 10 ugliest videos on YouTube

Here’s a list of the ten videos on YuoTube that received the most Dislikes: ranging from Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus YouTube is the largest video platform on the web. The site, owned by Google, has helped to introduce independent producers and creative personalities who in time have even become real stars of the Net. But on YouTube … Read more