O-R3, the surveillance robot car with built-in drone

Produced by a Singaporean company, O-R3 is an intelligent, semi-autonomous car capable of providing continuous surveillance The day is getting closer and closer when we can entrust security not only to men in uniform but also to drones and robots. And it’s closer than we can imagine. After the launch of the first robot cop, … Read more

WhatsApp, new way to make group calls and video calls

WhatsApp releases a small novelty for video calls and calls: here’s what changes for users Small novelty at home WhatsApp: the application has released an update for the Android and iOS version that allows to simplify the start of a group call and video call. A small change from the procedure used so far that … Read more

Smartphone: which one to buy spending less than 150 euros

Although they are not sponsored by trade magazines and the media in general, there is a wide range of smartphones that practically ends up in oblivion. We’re talking about smartphones that cost less than 150 euros. Low cost devices that usually not even the manufacturers advertise but that actually have a rather large market share. … Read more