Come difendersi dalla nuova truffa del vishing e salvare il conto in banca

Quattro truffatori sono riusciti a sottrarre ingenti cifre alle loro vittime, fino a 55 mila euro, usando tre sofisticate tecniche: lo spoofing, il vishing e lo smishing Arriva dalla Liguria la notizia dell’ultima truffa telematica messa a segno, questa volta, da quattro soggetti facenti parte di una vera e propria banda del “vishing“, un metodo … Read more

Which phone operators automatically block paid services

Some phone operators automatically block the activation of subscription services: here are the ones that do At least once you will have received a text message of a paid service activated without your consent, which scales the credit from your phone. To avoid unpleasant situations, Adiconsum has asked phone operators to block them automatically. In … Read more

Windows 10 changes again: here are the latest updates

The main new features in the latest update concern an eBook Store, the function to empty the recycle bin automatically and much more Before the release of Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft works to improve its operating system. The latest update is build 15014, which closely follows the two updates released last week – recognizable … Read more

Why it is important to update PC and smartphone operating system

Updating the operating system allows you to improve the security of your device, get new features and increase performance “A new version of the operating system is available, press ok to update”. This is the typical message you receive when an operating system update is available for your smartphone or computer: an operation that can … Read more