What happened to Second Life

Launched in 2003, it quickly achieved worldwide success. Equally sudden was the fall into oblivion. Today there are only a few thousand users In the mid-2000s it was considered the future of the web and interpersonal relationships. Many believed that, together with MySpace, it would revolutionize the way we know people and introduce three-dimensional avatars … Read more

Why you need to create a Guest Profile on your smartphone

Not everyone knows that Android devices come with a Guest Profile: here’s how to create it and why it pays to do so There is a mode in Android that allows you to preserve your privacy when you lend your phone to someone. It’s called Guest mode, which allows you to create a profile on … Read more

Google Pixel: the battery life makes us cry for a miracle

According to a test published on Reddit, the new smartphones, soon to be released, have a battery life of over 20 hours and a fast charging Forget brand, shape or quality of the camera. One of the main reasons we may or may not buy a smartphone is its battery life. That is, how long … Read more