What is spam and how to defend yourself

Spam is a practice (also dangerous) that consists in the repeated sending of e-mail messages generally advertising It happens to everyone to receive frequently spam messages, a bitch that in some cases, in addition to being very annoying (since it clogs the mailbox), can also be dangerous. Often, in fact, the objective of these emails … Read more

The Boys: spin-off will target the X-Men

After the success of the parent series, Amazon will produce another show inspired by the Vought world. It will be set in a college and tell the story of the G-Men The Boys was a real gamble for Amazon Prime Video. The series could have been a flop but it turned out to be one … Read more

Fortnite, how to play on Android and iPhone smartphones

After the elimination of Fortnite from the Google Play Store and App Store, here’s how to continue playing on Android and iOS devices The first act of the challenge launched by Epic Games to Google and Apple has led to the elimination of the Fornite app from the Google Play Store and App Store. But … Read more