Find your parked car with Google Maps

Available also in Italy on Android and iOS, the new feature will allow you to store the exact position where a car was parked Don’t remember where you left your car? Don’t worry, from today you can search for it with Google Maps. After introducing the feature that helps you find parking, the California-based company launches … Read more

Cyber criminals target Linux, already thousands of infected PCs

Hackers have developed a malware designed for the penguin operating system, this exploits devices with outdated passwords and settings Linux has always been considered as a pleasant place, a place where hackers and cyber criminals had little or nothing to do. Now, however, it would seem that this is no longer the case. Malware has … Read more

Apple, augmented reality is not a fantasy: it will arrive on maps

After the rumors circulated on the network in recent months, the Californian company comes out in the open: Apple intends to implement AR technology on new devices A few weeks ago they were just rumors, but now comes the official confirmation: Apple is betting heavily on augmented reality. With the number 9,488,488, the U.S. Patent … Read more