WhatsApp, why you need to remove the profile picture

The WhatsApp profile picture scam is affecting several people in Italy. Here’s how it works and how to defend yourself The profile picture of WhatsApp helps us to understand who sent a message in case the number is not saved in the address book. Although small in size, it takes little to guess if we know … Read more

Web sites and resources for editing images for free

You can find many photo editing sites on the internet: they are easy to use and accessible from any device. Here are the best ones To edit images there are several programs, although in these cases the thought immediately runs to Photoshop, the absolute leader in the field of photo editing. In reality, in addition … Read more

Samsung Galaxy M22: here’s the European price of the new mid-range smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M22 ever closer to launch: after the approval of the body for Bluetooth, the European price of the Korean mid-range smartphone has been revealed High-end smartphones are the most fascinating products, the ones that capture the most attention and the ones with which manufacturers budget the most revenue. However, it is with mid-range … Read more