Roaming, decreased prices for calls and messages

From May 15, 2019 the cost of roaming calls and sending SMS has decreased for all users. Here’s what changes New for users who travel a lot abroad and use roaming to call and send messages: from May 15 the cost of calls from your Italian number to a number of a country belonging to … Read more

How to repost on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t allow you to share other people’s posts, even those in which we are present, so you have to get a little ingenious: here’s how to repost on Instagram A group photo uploaded to Instagram forgetting the tag to those present. It has happened to almost everyone, and if you can not delete it … Read more

Unicredit, problems with home banking: what’s going on

Since 20:00 on September 30, users have been reporting problems with Unicredit’s home banking service: what’s going on Complicated evening for Unicredit users who are trying to complete online transactions: when you enter the codes of the key, a generic “security error” comes out and you can’t make the transfer or payment. The first problems … Read more