How to activate Google Chrome’s secret feature

Google Chrome hides a reading mode that makes browsing websites easier. Here’s how to activate it and what it’s for Chrome is a fairly complex web browser: born back in 2008, in almost twelve years it has accumulated more and more complete features and, also for this reason, it is now the most used browser … Read more

Google abandons the production and sale of its tablets

Somewhat surprisingly, Google announces its intention to sospsendere the development and distribution of Pixel tablets. Big G will focus on Chromebook and Chrome OS That ideas from the parts of Mountain View change rather quickly is a well-known fact. Of projects to work on there are plenty and, in case someone does not make as … Read more

LG, TV that rolls up will go on sale in 2019

The Korean company is expected to soon market the TV that rolls up previewed last year. It shouldn’t be the only new feature in Las Vegas During CES 2018, held in the first half of January 2018, it was one of the stars of LG’s pavilions. Perhaps, the absolute protagonist. However, the product that has … Read more

MacBooks, models with ARM processors arrive in the next few years

Apple ready to bring ARM processors on its computers already by the end of 2020. What are ARM processors and what changes It seems that the long-awaited moment is about to arrive: Apple would be about to introduce the first MacBook computers equipped with ARM architecture processors and no longer Intel CPUs. The ARM processors … Read more