Bitcoin as a gift, beware: your bank account is at risk

On Twitter, the Bitcoin gift fraud is back, with new tricks to maximize gains and minimize risks. The value of Bitcoin now travels steadily between 50,000 and 60,000 dollars and cyber criminals take advantage of it to attempt continuous scams against unwitting victims, fascinated by promises of easy money. The latest of these scams is … Read more

You really can voluntarily alter the size of your pupils

The case of a young German man is making the scientific community debate. You really can voluntarily alter the size of your pupils. Voluntary control over the autonomic nervous system is considered scientifically impossible. Or at least it used to be, because this acquisition has actually been questioned recently by an article that appeared in … Read more

Why install antivirus on Android smartphones

From malicious apps to surfing the Web to email scams. Here are the reasons why we should install an antivirus on our smartphone Almost everyone uses an antivirus on their home computer, and for good reason. To protect us from hackers and to protect our computer security. But on the Android smartphone, is it worth … Read more

3 dangerous apps to delete from your Android smartphone: what are they

Still dangers for Android smartphone owners. Trend Micro has discovered three very dangerous apps that can steal smartphone data Bad news for Android smartphone owners and yet another bad impression for Google: Trend Micro has found three very dangerous apps in the Play Store that can exploit the CVE-2019-2215 vulnerability in the Android operating system. … Read more