The Moon is “oscillating”: why it is a problem for the Earth

The oscillations in the Moon’s orbit interact disastrously with the consequences of the greenhouse effect: what is at risk for the Earth. It is not so much the Moon that is the problem, as climate change. Because our satellite has always recorded oscillations, observed for the first time in the eighteenth century and measured, today, … Read more

Bug on FaceTime, group video calls don’t work

A bug forced Apple to temporarily disable Group calls on FaceTime: users’ privacy was at risk. What’s happening FaceTime, Apple’s video messaging service, also has its flaws and the latest one discovered is also very serious: if you call through FaceTime you can listen to what the microphone is picking up at that moment, even … Read more

From Google Answer to Google+, Google’s app graveyard

Not just successes, for Google. Big G’s flops are many, more than you think. To get to know them, all you have to do is visit Gcemetery Probably, if someone told you, you would find it hard to believe. For many people, in fact, Google is synonymous with guaranteed success, almost infallibility. Instead, Google’s flops … Read more