Here’s Bruno, your trusted pizza maker who is also a robot

American startup Zume presents its innovative machine capable of baking 288 pizzas per hour, and from 2017 it will manage the entire preparation phase Excuse me, there’s a robot on my pizza. In Naples, they’re already on the warpath, but the innovation is one to keep an eye on in the restaurant industry. Silicon Valley-based … Read more

Is your old laptop slow? Here are 5 tricks to speed it up

A year. At most, a year and a half. It doesn’t matter how powerful and up-to-date it was at the time of purchase, but after just 12 months of life your laptop will inevitably (and inexorably) start to lose steam and slow down. There are many causes behind this more or less sudden drop in … Read more

How to defend yourself from sextortion

Kaspersky raises the alarm: growing cases of sexual blackmail perpetrated via email. How to recognize them and how to defend yourself It’s called “sextortion” and it’s the fusion between the words “sex” and “extortion”. Basically, it’s the good old extortion scam with a sexual threat. Scam that has been around for years but, according to … Read more