Sonus Faber, the wireless speaker with “wings”

Sonus Faber is a new luxury wireless speaker and will cost between 9 thousand and 14 thousand euros depending on the model. Only a hundred will be produced each year Speakers are becoming more and more eccentric. So here is the new wireless speaker with “wings”. It’s the Sonus Faber SF16. It has been defined … Read more

US wants to block TikTok forever

Popular TikTok is at risk of being blocked in the US: government would like to ban Chinese app over security concerns The US is ready to block TikTok and ban its use for security reasons. The popular app for making short videos, which is very popular among young people, would have flaws that allow the … Read more

SkyGo has a flaw, user data at risk

A computer scientist has discovered vulnerabilities in the SkyGo Windows app that would endanger user credentials The Windows version of the SkyGo app has a security problem. Security expert Sean Wright discovered it by analyzing two versions of the app (1.0.23-1 and 1.0.19-1), but it is not excluded that other versions may also be affected by … Read more